Cool iPhone Apps That Replace Other Everyday Items and the Future of iPhone Apps

Ever since cell phones first came out they were used in place of a wristwatch and the glowing faces of cell phones have been used as weak flashlights. The technology of the smarter phones is making it possible to allow useful iPhone apps to replace more and more gadgetry. Let’s look at some of those cool iPhone apps.

At this early part of this article, I’m not quite sure if my slant will be forward-looking to the next generation of cool iPhone apps to come, or nostalgic over the practical gadgets being slowly phased out. I suppose this article is myself mentally working out that for myself, while bringing you along for the decision-making.

As I said above, cell phones have been used as weak flashlights. Now however, you can find a truly useful iPhone app that does a better job in making the flashlight more focused and even stronger. iTorch is a cool iPhone app but it is just one of many flashlight applications for your iPhone. Your iTorch casts a bright light to find your way in the dark and it has a strobe feature to catch the attention of someone across a crowded room. Will you still want to carry around a bulky separate flashlight around in your pocket, purse or on your key chain when you have even better flash lighting on your iTorch app? Will flashlights in general slowly vanish into the dark ages of pre smart phone technology?

The other use for cell phones as a timepiece that replaces wristwatches has almost phased out wristwatches without even needing the smart phones and cool iPhone apps to turn the tide. So I’m not actually going to specifically point to any nifty iPhone apps that make the time into something special. Instead, I want to mention a brand new iPhone technology that is on the near horizon. You can already take an iPod nano and make it into a wristwatch but soon there will be an iPhone that you wear on your wrist like a wristwatch that defaults to a cool iPhone app with some amazing time-telling features as well as it being your smart phone with all your other cool iPhone apps on it. I love this because it’s like wristwatches will be going in a full circle. Cheap watches were first nearly phased completely out by cell phones and now the smart phones are going back onto the wrist.

I confess that I would miss my flashlight so the prospect of iTorch and other top iPhone apps phasing flashlights out is in the nostalgic category for me. But I never bought a really expensive wristwatch that I loved so the cool iPhone apps that make watches redundant doesn’t bother me and in fact I’m really forward-looking there because I really want a wristwatch iPhone when they become available. So at this point in this article, it’s fifty-fifty but the last smart phone item I’ll mention definitely puts me over the top and away from nostalgia.

The next major technology that smart phones like the iPhone have been gaining ground on is cameras. One cool app in particular is iCamera. The smart phones are becoming better cameras but what would happen if the truly great digital cameras tried to battle back by becoming phones? That is a technology fight that is coming and I’m looking forward to it.

How wonderful would it be when your iPhone is worn on your wrist like a precision wristwatch? Over your shoulder you have an amazing name brand camera with a world-class lens and it’s smart enough to mesh seamlessly with your iWristwatch. The future of old school gadgetry being replaced with iGadgetry powered by cool iPhone apps is coming and I’m personally ready for it right now.


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