Free Earthquake Apps For Your iPhone – Always Stay Alert!

Earthquakes are the biggest natural calamity. The recent one in Iran and Pakistan claimed the life of around 50 people and injured hundreds of others. It is not possible to escape these situations as we don’t know when it will occur. But the mobile application development experts are always there to help you. There are numerous apps that will let you know about the earthquake before it actually occurs. You can get earthquake alerts on your smartphone through these apps. Let’s see some of these smart apps.

Earthquake Alert! 
This app provides detailed and minute information about every single aspect of earthquake. Once the app has been downloaded and installed on your device, you need to connect your device to the internet. In just a few seconds, you will start getting information regarding any earthquake across the world. It displays the information in the form of an ad banner at the bottom with three tabs. The first tab shows all recent earthquakes while the second shows the map with all the locations of the quakes and tremors. Powerful quakes and tremors are marked in red dots while smaller ones are shown as green. Users can choose to filter the details of the quakes by their intensity, distance and time. The Earthquake Alert app also allows sending the news to others through a few messaging apps or social media. Furthermore, in case the user experiences a tremor, he can register his feedback by posting a comment on the US Geological site.

It is composed of two tabs, both showing the information about all the earthquakes across the world in different looks. The first one shows the lists of all the earthquakes along with intensity, location and time while the other shows it in the form of a world map. Clicking on one of the earthquakes in the list view will show the map. More details about the quake can be acquired by holding the tremor key and accessing the USGS site. It sends real-time alerts and allows the user to choose the intensity of the earthquakes that must be informed.

Latest Quakes 
It is an awesome app that provides the latest information about all the earthquakes across the world. It lets the user view the last 7 days of quakes in the form of a list or on a map. He can also filter the details of the quakes by their magnitude, location, distance, depth and time. The app allows sharing the information with others through a few messaging apps or social networking websites. If the user experiences an earthquake, he can post his feedback as a comment on the US Geological site. In this way, the app keeps the user updated with even a small information about the quakes.

So, the next time whenever it is an earthquake, make sure you have all the alerts. You can download any of these apps to stay updated with the latest earthquake information.

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