Must Have Apps For Business That Is Going Mobile

Increase in number of smart phones and hand held devices has changed the way we communicate. Phones are more just a medium to make or receive calls or to send messages and receive messages. Increasing number of people are using phones to access the internet, to transfer money or to shop online. Business owners are using their smart phones to conduct their business efficiently on the move. If you have not yet taken advantage of business on the move then you try it. If your business is going mobile then you will need several apps that will enable to run your business seamlessly. Some of the must have apps for every business that is going mobile are as follows.

Evernote: Evernote is a classic application that allows you to note down important things. It works similar to a word pad. You can easily access the memos and notes by scanning Evernote folder. It allows you to access required documents easily. It even allows you to record your messages and then convert it into text. Evernote is available on android phones and is necessary have for accessing documents when you are on move.

Schedule Planner Pro: For a business owner on move, it can be difficult to keep track of all appointments and schedules. Try using a schedule planner pro and get a quick glance of your daily, weekly or monthly meetings in few seconds. It is available on android phones. Schedule planner Pro facilitates easy organization of your schedule. It is essential for keeping track of important events, appointments and meetings. You can even add notes to your schedule planner pro.

Intuit Go Payment: This app is extremely important if you never want to miss out on payments. Intuit Go Payment is a credit card processing application that allows you to process your card details on the move. Similar applications with credit card processing abilities are PayPal, MoneyBookers and Square. These apps are essential when you may need to make payments to vendors or suppliers when you are out of office.

QuickBooks mobile: Invoices and expense sheets are part of every business. With use of scanner Pro, you can track your expenses to every cent. You can add details like your billable hours, overhead expenses and create customizable invoices. Integrate this app with Evernote or Expensify and conduct business on the move. You may even opt to integrate QuickBooks mobile with Scanner Pro so that you can scan receipts and payment details with this smart App.


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